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Verdemar Wear is the creation of two brothers. Having grown up in sunny southern Portugal we have always enjoyed nature, freedom and the laid back culture. Our clothes started as a way to rock the things we loved and that nobody else had, while at the same time honoring the unique artistic creations of our father. Nuno Villas-Boas, our father and the artist behind all the paintings we use for our designs, has been drawing and painting for over 50 years. We felt that these artworks deserved the spotlight and had the potential to be more.


Most of Nuno’s art, just like us, has been inspired by the glowing golden fields of the Alentejo and the ancient streets of Amsterdam. Relaxed and sunny, yet edgy and artistic. All of our products are designed in Amsterdam. We strive to be a inclusive brand. We encourage everyone to be a part of it, be it as a model, designer, photographer or just choosing the designs that you would like to see in the future. Within our framework we do what you want. All designs are limited editions as we value originality and exclusiveness.       

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